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The Artist

Hong Zhu An is, without doubt, one of the finest artist working in Singapore today. Originally from China, he has trained in both Chinese traditional art and Western art. The paintings glow with the layered pigments that’re placed stroke by stroke upon rice paper, the under-layers burning their way to the surface of the blocks of the colours. Each layer consists of thousands of calligraphic strokes creating a flow of colour contained…

1955Born in Shanghai, China
1973 – 1976 – Trained at the Shanghai Art & Craft Institute, China – Studied under famous art scholar Wang Zidou
1976 – 1989 Assistant Lecturer at the Shanghai Art & Craft Institute, China
1982 – 1983 Studied under Professor Huang Wei Yi in the Sichuan Art Academy, China
1989 – 1993Full-time Artist in Sydney, Australia
1993 – 1996 Full-time Artist in Singapore
1997 Master of Arts, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. At LaSalle-SIA College of Arts, Singapore
1998 – 2001 Spent 3 years on his Ph.D. in Research Fine Art, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2002 – Present Full-time Artist based in Singapore